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From Tetsuya Kitahata <tets...@apache.org>
Subject Forrest (was Re: Tetsuya voted as POI committer)
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 06:57:50 GMT
On Thu, 19 Jun 2003 13:46:16 -0400
(Subject: Re: Tetsuya voted as POI committer)
"Andrew C. Oliver" <acoliver@apache.org> wrote:

> I'm not suggesting that I'm proposing to stop you from scratching your itch.
> I'm suggesting if this is some evil thing that taps processor at 100% and
> takes forever that it shant run on my sever.  I don't remember much about
> it, but that I looked at it and thought "yuck" but that was some time ago.

I see. I understood your heavily hard situation before.

> I suggest this criteria be used for the project (my server = my criteria,
> project = community criteria):

> A. simple enough for a poi committer with little interest in forrest to
> modify/configure
> B. consistency (the thing should continue to work without care and feeding
> for months if not years at a time)

Yes, just I thought that "using forrestbot and putting on the cocoondev
means that whoever wants to build poi site would be sure to succeed".
Given that poi site build succeeded in cocoondev, most of the
users/committers might succeed in the site build, using currest Forrest.

> If it doesn't run on my server than B becomes a more serious issue.  If it
> runs on my server then my criteria is more serious (meaning I don't care if
> it screws up someone else's server)



TIPS: When you run "ant reports" on the jakarta-poi module,
you have to make sure that you set CVSROOT 
If you used ssh or whatever, you will fail at 'CVSCHANGELOG'
ant taskdef ("Error running cvs log") ;-)
# This could be an FAQ for all the committers in apache.org,
# sooner or later. ;-)


-- Tetsuya (tetsuya@apache.org)

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