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From "Ryan Ackley" <sack...@cfl.rr.com>
Subject Re: New FFN & Fontable classes
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 14:58:31 GMT
I forgot to ask you if you successfully ran your TestFontTable test. Did
you? Tonight I will be writing the code that will read in a word document
and write it back out.

In the meantime, you need to be studying the spec. To write out a new word
with a different font you will need to use/understand the following classes:
TextPieceTable, TextPiece, CHPAbstractType. You need to look at the spec.
You need to look at the section entitled "SPRM definitions" this details how
to change formatting properties. You need to look at the CHP structure

>               Actually its  a kind of pressure situation here. I need to
> do the Stream writing & modifying  by this Friday. So I have decided to do
> night outs to catch up with your working time. I am seeking your Valuable
> help for this.

I will always answer your questions as quickly as possible. You will do all
the work on your own. I know how to accomplish what you want but if you plan
on being a contributor to this project you need to learn about the file
format. I want to see you succeed at your long-term goal not just the Friday

> I have a request. I do understand the importance of the test cases for the
> code we write,  but can we for a time being, focus a bit more on the
> actual writing of streams as whole to make the Doc file & try some
> modification of streams. Then we can complete all the test cases.

These test cases are necessary because it is absolutely vital that we test
the algorithms that we are using to write out the data structures. If we
write a Word document that Word can't open, where do we look for the
problem? Word does not tell us what the actual problem is it only tells us
that it is an invalid Word file. Every test I have written except one has
failed the first time I ran it. The tests are the only reason I feel that
you may meet your deadline. Don't worry, there is only one more test case to
write for this phase. I will be writing it tonight.

> This can actually make my life better here. I badly need to write a Doc ,
> modifying its Streams atleast in the the simplest way that can be done.

I feel you man, this can actually make my life better too (according to
Andy)  :-)

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