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From "Fridtjof Ahlswede" <fahlsw...@PSI.de>
Subject RKRecord and LabelRecord need to extend Comparable
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 15:56:38 GMT

this is the first time I post to this mailing list therefore I'm not sure if
I should post it here anyway.

I'm using your great POI-API and I think I found a mistake that was not
fixed in the last dev release (17th May 2003).
There are some Classes implementing the CellValueRecordInterface. All except
2 do not implement the Comparable interface:

- RKRecord and
- LabelRecord

They should otherwise there will be a ClassCastException if you put them
into a Map.
I don't know if it is already fixed in the CVS and I don't want to distroy
any of your sources. May be any experienced coder can check this and correct
it if nessary.


P.S. Sorry for any mistakes, but english is not my nativ language.

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