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From Mikael Sitruk <mikae...@bezeqint.net>
Subject Re: HELP: any ideas on what could be causing this....
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 21:46:35 GMT
Steve hi

sorry for not answering you previously but I wasn't around...
Now regarding the problem: You absolutely well understood!
The problem occured in one template in which we had to write data in the
blank sheet, with a specific request to append the new data in the
existing sheet.
We just resolved the problem by selecting the rows in the template and
using the 'delete row' command, instead doing this in the program
(through POI) since it occured only in one template.

We didn't have the problem for other templates since in the other cases
the request was to clean the sheet prior insertion of new data (in this
case we erazed the sheet and created a new one).

I hope it helped.

Mikael Sitruk

On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 21:38, Steve wrote: 
> Mikael,
> Thanks for your comments. I will keep that possibility in mind.
> Let me make sure that I understand what you are saying:
> You're saying that the problem will occur if
> I have a sheet in a "template" xls file on which
> I use 'delete' to delete some data (rather than 'delete row'),
> and then  I attempt to read that file using Java/POI, modify it,
> and then write it out to another xls file.
> Is that what you are saying?
> I wasn't sure what you meant by "flush the data in it with POI".
> What I did to "fix" the problem:  I simply added some data
> in the blank sheet. Then it worked fine. I don't think I added
> the data in the same place where I previously did a "delete"
> (which I do remember doing).  When I read in the template,
> I write other data, then I delete that "unwanted" data.
> Does this make sense?
> Steve
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> From: "Mikael Sitruk" <mikael_s@bezeqint.net>
> To: "'POI Developers List'" <poi-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
> Sent: Friday, July 04, 2003 3:26 AM
> Subject: RE: HELP: any ideas on what could be causing this....
> > Steeve hi
> > 
> > The problem may be related to the fact that the sheet in which you put
> > the data contained cell that previously had data erased with the
> > 'delete' action, that is if you have a worksheet, with data, then you
> > select the data and do 'delete' instead 'delete row' then you flush the
> > data in it with POI then the problem occurs.
> > The data is physically in the file but Excel will not show it
> > We had the same problem. 
> > 
> > Mikael Sitruk
> > 
> > --Original Message--
> > From: Steve [mailto:stephen@Basit.COM] 
> > Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 23:05
> > To: POI Developers List
> > Subject: HELP: any ideas on what could be causing this....
> > 
> > I read in a template xls file and use POI to change it.
> > It was working fine for a while, but now
> > when I open the created  xls file,  there are 
> > no data written to it.
> > Some formatting changes are visible, 
> > such as merged cell regions, but that's
> > all.
> > It seems like my program is going through
> > it's paces, and there are no exceptions,
> > but the sheet is blank.
> > Any ideas what could cause this.
> > I'm using 1.10
> > Steve
> > 
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