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From "Mikael Sitruk" <mikae...@bezeqint.net>
Subject RE: Unicode support question
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 22:02:32 GMT
Well it seems that the problem was related to the program I used to
insert non latin one character in the database. I've changed the client
to one that really support Unicode and I've got the appropriate result
in POI.
I have also made the test without the database e.g. directly creating
Unicode string and sending to POI everything was fine.


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From: Mikael Sitruk [mailto:mikael_s@bezeqint.net] 
Sent: 20 July, 2004 00:53
To: poi-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Subject: Unicode support question

I've been using POI for a while, but recently I've tried to check the
support for Unicode. I'm not really sure that the problem that I
encounter is related to POI itself, but I would like to share with you
the fact, hoping that you might help
I've an oracle database which NLS_LANG is set to ATL32UTF8. I've
inserted Hebrew character in the database and I able to see them with an
db editor like TOAD. I fetcht the data using JDBC, with oracle Thin
driver, and send the data to two kind of output:
1.	CSV file using UTF8 encoding
2.	POI using the createCell and setEncoding(ENCODING_UTF_16). 
When I open the CSV file in an editor that support UTF 8, I see
correctly the Hebrew characters, on the other hand when opening the
Excel file created by POI I see garbage characters.
Do you know what might be the problem???
P.S: The program runs on win2000, with jdk1.4.x, and I create the output
file by cloning a template created MS excel.
Thanks, for input.

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