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From Amol Deshmukh <adeshm...@hobsons-us.com>
Subject RE: FormulaEvaluator Partial Implementation
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 12:49:28 GMT
> > > ------- Additional Comments From avik@apache.org 
> > 2005-05-12 
> > > 20:38 -------
> No, you would... you'll get the formula from excel, and each formula
> would be a separate assert, and in the assert comment, you put the
> formula. so:
> while (get all cells) {
> 	...
> 	assertEquals(c.getCellFormula(), expectedValueCell, actualValue)
> }

But what happens when one assert fails - wouldnt the 
AssertionError cause the cells that follow to never be
tested. (BTW, I'm a JUnit novice, so I may be wrong 
- in which case we can even continue this discussion
off the list to avoid some embarassment to me ;)

But I see your point here - I could have a single class
& init it for every test case instead of creating new 
class per function - the issue is maintainability and
size of code base.

Definitely, like you say my current approach seems
to be overkill & not pleasant to maintain...
...I will make changes as per your suggestion in the
automated tests.

Thanks for your input!
~ amol

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