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From Joe Cyboski <cyb...@yahoo.com>
Subject specification / RFC for OLE2
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 20:07:18 GMT
Does anyone have any infomation on where I could find the details or 
specification for Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound Document format.

In particular I need to find out if a certain sequence of characters 
could apear in a document.

I have an application that reads files over a socket and uses similar 
communication to SMTP. That is I signify the end of the data with a 
\r\n.\r\n    (thats carriage return, newline, period, cariage return, 

I know that this string could very easily be found in a normal text 
file, however I wanted to make sure that I would not be discovered in a 
Microsoft Excel / Word document.

any help would be apreciated. If I am posting to the wrong group I 
apologize,  but in my searches this seems the only place to have any 
infomation on the subject.


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