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From Marc Portier <...@outerthought.org>
Subject why limit the size of style-regions?
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 10:21:48 GMT
Hi there,

I'm looking for getting maybe a more permanent solution for issue 24480

I think it's safe for poi-dev to just close it as the issue actually is
inside the cocoon codebase rather then the poi-codebase. (I'm planning
on opening a new issue on this in cocoon's jira and will drop the link
as a comment on #24490 as soon as that is done)

The cause for the described behavior is actually a hard coded limit in
our serializer [1]

(relevant portions)

>     58      //kludge constant to fix gnumeric's love of declaring large stlye regions
>     59      //for the blank sections of the sheet w/no apparent purpose that we can
>     60      //
>     61      private int MAX_AREA = 2001;
>     62


>     93          if (region.getArea() < MAX_AREA) {
>     94              //protect against stupid mega regions
>     95              //of generally NOTHING and no real
>     96              //puprose created by gnumeric
>     97              getLogger().debug("region added");
>     98              _style = getSheet().addStyleRegion(region); //test
>     99          } else {
>    100              invalid = true;
>    101          }

This code has been in cocoon pretty much unchanged since its original
commit (11-2002) and over in cocoon land there doesn't seem to be real
live memories [2] around the reasoning and argumentation for this
built-in limitation.

So before doing something stupid like ignorantly removing the limits I'm
polling this list for known issues around the size of these
style-regions you guys might be aware of.

Some questions popping up:
-Should the size of these regions still be limited?
-What is this limitation to prevent? OutOfMemory?
-Is the limit (actual value) still appropriate?
-Are there other ways to achieve the same?
-Suppose people would work around the limitation by introducing multiple
2000-cell-sized regions in the stream: would they still be faced with
(whatever) problem this code tries to circumvent?
-If not: would it be meaningful to just chunk it up inside the
serializer rather then push this burdon to our end-users...
-Are there test-cases around showing why the POI API should be used in
this way?

Thx, upfront for all insights you could share.


[2] http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=xml-cocoon-dev&m=114907748501047&w=2
Marc Portier                            http://outerthought.org/
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