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From Yegor Kozlov <ye...@dinom.ru>
Subject Re: Testing generated doc/... files
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 17:27:19 GMT

I would rather not mess with jacob and other Java-COM bridges.

Here is a simpler approach:

We can't call COM directly from Java but we can write a simple VBA to automate testing and
run it using Runtime.exec.

Consider an example.

Create a simple VBA script and save it in vbtest.vbs.

Set pptApp = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")
Set ppt = pptApp.Presentations.Add
ppt.SaveAs "D:\temp\vba.ppt" 
Set ppt = Nothing
Set pptApp = Nothing

Run the script in java:

Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cscript vbtest.vbs");

Of course you need to read stoud and stderr to see what's happening but I think you have the

I checked and it does work on Windows.

Does anybody know if OpenOffice for Linux and Office for MAC can be automated in this way?
I think they should but can't check it.

The problem is how to watch the results. I'm not sure we can create 100% automated VBA framework
for testing. 
Normally the VB script interpreter prints messages in stdout and stderr. 
In case of fatal errors the application window (Word, PowerPoint or Excel) can stay alive
and you have to
manually kill it. 
If I have time I will post a real VBA test case a bit later.

Yegor KOzlov

RS> Hi,

RS> I'm thinking about how to "semi automate" testing of doc files which
RS> were created by HWPF. I'll explain what runs through my mind and
RS> would like to know, if anybody has an opinion on that and which tools
RS> would be ok or not.

RS> The first thing which came to my mind is using jacob (java COM
RS> bridge) in a Windows environment to let Winword open and save a test
RS> file. If the process doing that is still active after a certain time,
RS> the test is declared as failed and the Winword instance is killed.
RS> I'm not into COM programming and I'm not sure how much it takes to do
RS> it that way, but I'm trying.

RS> I would prefer a jacob based solution. But if for any reason jacob is
RS> not suitable, I would bet that such a thing can be created simply
RS> without using Java. It should at least be possible to run two
RS> programs and let one do the COM stuff and the other watch it. If the
RS> test program hangs, the watch program could find running instances of
RS> winword and the test program and kill them - hopefully not leaving
RS> too many resources hanging around after that.

RS> Such kind of tests obviously run on Windows only (don't want to think
RS> about remote access to a Windows machine which runs the tests and
RS> returns the results) so its not part of the unit tests. With a few
RS> dozen test cases (= generated Word files) it feels bad to open those
RS> files manually and check that they are working. (Personally I can
RS> feel my mood go down drastically when looking at 30 tick boxes on a
RS> sheet of paper representing really ugly work...)

RS> Apart from simple crashes/crashes-not testing this could be extended
RS> to a test tool checking for instance whether the bold formatting
RS> created in HWPF is really bold when asking Winword. But thats surely
RS> something to discuss after the crashes/crashes-not part is done.

RS> Now the questions:

RS> Are there any objections against such a tool in general? (besides
RS> from "only runs on Windows" :-) )

RS> Is there a better approach for that?

RS> Should jacob not be suitable, which "development environment" would
RS> be recommended? 
RS> (VC8Express, Watcom, gcc(?); don't know yet whether one needs the
RS> Platform SDK for that or not...)

RS> Best wishes,
RS> Rainer
RS> (He who is tired of the open-save-cycle and
RS> occasionally-killing-Winword-instances :-) )

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