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From Nick Burch <n...@torchbox.com>
Subject Re: Exchange/PST/Mail parsing (fwd)
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 22:37:28 GMT
On Sat, 7 Jul 2007, Travis wrote:
> I've got an initial copy that reads most of the important String chunks
> in the root node/chunk.  Just to make sure I did this right here is a
> zip with all the data needed to reproduce what I've done (the msg files
> were generated with Outlook 2000).

Excellent, that all looks good

> Let me know if I did this correctly and I'll drop a bug into Bugzilla to
> patch dev svn trunk.

Now I've un-packed it, I might as well commit it as-is. Now it's set up in
svn, bugzilla's definately the way to go for the next patches :)

> The patch file doesn't contain the contents of the actual MSG files, so I
> included them in the zip file.  You'll need to move them into the proper
> test directory after you patch.

It seemed to work fine, once I un-packed the rar file (not used one of
those in ages!) and shuffled everything into the right place.

Now I've committed it all to svn, you should be able to just do a "svn
diff" and send that in. That should then apply cleanly, so just do the
"svn diff"  and attach the patch to bugzilla.

(Oh, but if you're adding new binary files, you'll need to upload those by
hand to bugzilla)

Looking at the code, a few thoughts / suggestions:
* Can you ever have more than one message in a file? If so, it might be
   good to make the top level class handle getting one or more model level
   messages out
* I'd be inclined to move quite a bit of the MAPIMessage logic under
   /model/. Have a top level class that works directly on the POIFS, then
   have that give you one (or more?) model level classes that actually get
   (and in future set) all the nice strings
* The Chunks.getInstance().<Chunk> ideom doesn't quite seem the best fit
   to me. I might be inclined to go for a hslf style types + static method
   (RecordTypes + Record.createRecordForType), or a hssf style factory
   (RecordFactory). Do either of those ways look like they might work?
* Once the code has settled, it'd be great to get something on the site.
   It's all done with forrest and src/documentation/content/xdocs/

Otherwise, looks like great work. Do keep the patches coming in!


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