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From Yegor Kozlov <ye...@dinom.ru>
Subject must list for 3.5-final
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 21:21:49 GMT
Hi All,

In the light of recent concerns raised by Andrew Oliver, I would like to start a discussion
on when to plan to release 
3.5-FINAL and what issues must be resolved before it.  It would be helpful to develop a plan
so that all of us can 
control the state of things.

Below is what comes to my mind in priority order:

  (1) Legal issues. Somehow this discussion goes in detour of poi-dev@ or poi-private@.
If any of POI committers is discussing it with Microsoft of whoever, please report the status.
What particular issues 
must be resolved before 3.5-FINAL?
As a release manager, I would like to know an approximate date when this stuff will be resolved.

  (2) GPLv3 in HDGF. I hope it will be fixed soon with a help of legal-discuss@.  I grepped
the project for GPL, it was 
the only issue of such kind.

  (3) Adoption of OpenXML4j.
The OpenXML4J software grant was approved (See bug #46242) and I'm going to include this codebase
in 3.5-FINAL.

  (4) Quality of poi-ooxml code and its readiness for FINAL
There was a criticism by Andrew that poi-ooxml does not have adequate unit tests. Please be
The unit test coverage has significantly improved since 3.5-beta3. In my opinion the quality
of poi-ooxml code is OK to 
be used in production.

  (5) Bugzilla cleanup.
The state of bug database is a good indicator of the project health. We have 100+ open bugs
and many of them were 
reported on POI 2.5 and earlier. I would target getting the number of open bugs below 50.

I would like to resolve most of it by the end of January and release 3.5-FINAL in February.
Does it sound realistic?


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