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From Yegor Kozlov <ye...@dinom.ru>
Subject improving layout of directories with test files
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 15:28:32 GMT
Hi All,

As a step towards final release, I would like to improve the structure of the directories
with test files.

Currently we have 9 test data directories each requiring a system property:

             <sysproperty key="HSSF.testdata.path" file="${main.src.test}/org/apache/poi/hssf/data"/>
             <sysproperty key="HPSF.testdata.path" file="${main.src.test}/org/apache/poi/hpsf/data"/>
             <sysproperty key="HSLF.testdata.path" file="${scratchpad.src.test}/org/apache/poi/hslf/data"/>
             <sysproperty key="HWPF.testdata.path" file="${scratchpad.src.test}/org/apache/poi/hwpf/data"/>
             <sysproperty key="HSMF.testdata.path" file="${scratchpad.src.test}/org/apache/poi/hsmf/data"/>
             <sysproperty key="HDGF.testdata.path" file="${scratchpad.src.test}/org/apache/poi/hdgf/data"/>
             <sysproperty key="HPBF.testdata.path" file="${scratchpad.src.test}/org/apache/poi/hpbf/data"/>
             <sysproperty key="POIFS.testdata.path" file="${main.src.test}/org/apache/poi/poifs/data"/>
             <sysproperty key="OOXML.testdata.path" file="${ooxml.src.test}/org/apache/poi/ooxml/data"/>

In old times, when we had only two or three directories it was acceptable but not now.

I suggest keeping all test files under a common /data directory on the root level. Module-specific
files will be in 


This refactoring will significantly simplify unit tests and build.xml - there will be a single
property for all files in 
all modules.

If there are no objections I'm going to apply this change early next week.


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