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From Dave Fisher <dave2w...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: Contributing to XSLF Code
Date Sat, 18 May 2013 15:42:40 GMT

On May 17, 2013, at 2:26 PM, Nick Burch wrote:

> On Fri, 17 May 2013, Eliot Kimber wrote:
>> I am trying to use the XSLF code to implement manipulation and generation of PPTX
presentations. I see that there are still some missing features and bugs. I am more than happy
to contribute to the code to fill in some of the features I'm looking for. But I didn't want
to start writing patches without checking what was already under way.
> Most of the work on XSLF has been done by Yegor. (I did a bit at the start around text
extraction, then he put most of the work in for the rest!). The remainder comes from user
contributions, which we're always very keen to get!
> Yegor is currently a bit snowed-under at work, so I don't believe he's currently working
on any XSLF code. If it's in SVN with a TODO, consider it fair game to implement! If it's
a new feature, probably best post something here for a sanity check, then go ahead if no-one
spots a problem with your plan

Yes, Yegor is certainly snowed under at work. Also, there is some work yet to be contributed
that we have done over XSLF that may be helpful. I would suggest that you communicate your
thoughts clearly on the ML about any API changes that you would find helpful.

>> My first task is to implement a PPTX "burster" that can produce a set of single-slide
presentations from an existing presentation. I see that this task was discussed in the mailing
list and some workaround code was provided. But it seems like it would be better to simply
make the base code do the right thing in this case and I'd like to tackle that if it's not
already in the process of being addressed.
> I'd suggest you take that code, fix it and finish it, write some unit tests, then contribute
a patch for it. Ideally it would probably be something like a utility that works on XSLF slideshows
to produce new ones, or something like that, with most of the logic on the main XSLF classes

Yegor and I certainly have continued interest in this area even if our attention is currently
elsewhere. It would be great to see what you propose.

>> I'm also working on code to generate new slides from a simple XML format that represents
generic slide show content (that is, something that is relatively easy to generate from other
stuff, like existing XML or whatever).
> Have you seen the HSLF stuff for producing .ppt files, from java awt-style code and the

This is a place to look.


> Nick
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