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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject [Bug 55007] Add function to indirectly reference formulas
Date Sat, 25 May 2013 07:21:00 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Mark B <markbrdsly@tiscali.co.uk> ---
Slightly confused about what you are asking for here. Are you saying that you
want a new function within Excel itself that exhibits this feature? If so, then
you really need to post this request to Microsoft as POI is only used to
create/edit files that are compatible with the application, it cannot be used
to modify the application itself.

Alternativly, you need to create a user defined function - these can be
included into the application - but I am not at all sure you could call it SUM
as I suspect that is a reserved word or name within the application. To do so,
you will be writing the VBA code again within Excel and this is another
question best asked on an Excel users forum.

Finally, you might be asking if it is possible to make POI's formula evaluator
work in the manner you describe. If so, this might be possible as you can
create functions outside of Excel and have POI use these during it's evaluation
of the workbook. Again though, I suspect you will fall foul of naming issues if
you still want to call it the SUM function.

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