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From Nick Burch <apa...@gagravarr.org>
Subject Re: [Announce] New Committer and PMC Member, David North
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2015 16:51:02 GMT
On Wed, 3 Jun 2015, David North wrote:
> Should I be able to log into bugzilla using my ASF credentials? It 
> doesn't seem to accept them, but obviously the account I've been 
> reporting bugs as previously doesn't let me edit the assignee, etc.

They have different account databases. So, just keep going with your 
existing account. I think we normally just leave things assigned to POI 
Developer. I think as long as you can change priorities, tags, close etc, 
you should have all you need

(If you need versions or components changing/adding, just ask on the list. 
Only a handful of people have bugzilla admin karma, which is cross-project 
so infra don't give it out too widely)

> Do we have a convention for cross-linking bugs and commits? The way I 
> was taught to do it is to put the revision number of the fix on the bug 
> (which I see has turned into a convenient hyperlink) and the full URL of 
> the bug being worked on in the commit message.

Normally just put the bugzilla number in the commit message, eg 'Fix NPE 
#12345' or 'Fix from Jim smith from #54321 - Fix NPE', then in the 
bugzilla entry mention the revision number when you close it eg 'Thanks, 
fixed in r1234'

> How do people usually work with the project? For this trivial fix I 
> worked directly off an SVN checkout, but I assume git-svn is the way to 
> go in order to allow public review of branches / pull requests via 
> github when working on bigger changes?

Small changes just commit to trunk, or create a patch from trunk for 
review for later commit. For slightly larger changes, create a branch 
somewhere (svn or github), then merge. For large changes, create a longer 
lived branch in svn and commit until ready to merge.

Commits need to be done to svn (using svn or git-svn), but your working 
copy can be either svn or git as you prefer. In case you hadn't spotted, 
details of the read-only git and github mirrors are given at 
http://git.apache.org/ and http://poi.apache.org/subversion.html


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