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From "Javen O'Neal" <javenon...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Minutes from discussion at ApacheCon Core Europe 2015
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2015 16:29:09 GMT
I was thinking we should treat documentation artifacts like build
artifacts: only version control the source, host the artifacts on a regular
file server.

Consider moving documentation build artifacts to non-version-controlled web
On 2 Oct 2015 5:25 am, "David North" <dtn-poi@corefiling.co.uk> wrote:

> A useful discussion was had at ApacheCon today; here are my notes:
> Present - Nick Burch, Dominik Stadler, David North. Shane Curcuru (ASF
> director) was around and chipped in some useful suggestions.
> Some discussion of making it easier to run the tests in-Eclipse; people
> keep tripping over the "POI.testdata.path must be set" error. Dominik
> has a patch for this which tries to find test-data in the cwd - which
> Just Works out of Eclipse. ACTION: Dominik commit the patch.
> Some discussion of knowing which tests to run before committing;
> difficult to just run them out of Eclipse as the build process has some
> hard-coded data about expected failures. David also mentioned it's
> difficult to tell which ant target(s) to run to replicate the Jenkins
> build. ACTION: David to sort out descriptions in build.xml so ant -p
> gives useful and complete information.
> Nick suggested David should manage a 3.14 beta1 release, as an exercise
> to prove the release process is fully documented. ACTION: David to
> arrange this.
> Some discussion of where our code lives: are we happy with SVN or should
> we migrate to Git?
> Nick - enough bridging and mirroring mechanisms that working in Git with
> the current setup and pushing back to SVN should be fine. Dominik: some
> concern that differences in IDs make it impossible to clone from e.g.
> the Github mirror and them push back direct to SVN. Nick - we should
> talk to infra team, they may have a solution to this. ACTION: Dominik
> talk to infra about how to work best with SVN via Git.
> Some discussion of time it takes to run the tests. Timed "ant test"
> (note: avoids integration tests) on David's laptop (i7 with an SSD) at 1
> minute 17 seconds, which is good enough for now.
> TestSignatureInfo appears to fail without internet access. ACTION: David
> find out why and fix it.
> Discussed whether to switch the build to Gradle from Ant. It's the way
> the rest of the world is going, but no immediate rush. Removing some
> knowledge/logic from the build first would be good. All agreed Maven is
> too heavy/not suitable for POI.
> Discussion of desirable new features. David: wanting to round out
> FormulaParser support in XSSF. In particular, cross-workbook references
> in formulae. Nick: it's 90% there. A bunch of tests in HSSF can be
> promoted to joint tests if it's completed in XSSF. ACTION: David to try
> and finish this. Noted there is some complexity to be discussed, e.g.
> what text does getFormula give back, is it what's stored, what the user
> sees in Excel - these will differ for cross-wb formulas.
> Discussed what version of Java we should require. Current 1.6 is likely
> to be where we stay for a while: end-users tend to be very conservative.
> Discussed https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=58466
> ACTION David: try swapping his impl for the speed-up, original was a
> community patch so may not be perfect
> Nick proposed we should have an ooxml-schemas-1.2 JAR containing visio,
> security & main, rather than three separate artefacts. But keep the
> existing lightweight one too. All agreed this made sense. ACTION:
> Someone to implement this.
> Nick: How should we address nobody reading the website. e.g s/overflow
> and mailing list users never read the FAQ. No immediate ideas. ACTION:
> all think about it. ACTION David - check out the StackOverflow tag for POI
> Nick: CSS for JavaDocs might deserve a tweak when the new Apache logo &
> its font guidelines are out - coming soon.
> Discussed website and use of ancient version of Apache Forrest, now
> discontinued. Not a major issue as just committers work on it. ACTION:
> David read up on the Apache CMS and how other projects do websites, but
> no change in POI for now.
> David: are we happy with bugzilla? General consensus: Yes. JIRA is
> painful for sysadmins and none of those present had a good word to say
> about it. Dominik: Private tags are handy to organise bugs. Nick: I can
> create public keywords if requested.
> Javen O'Neal - decent number of patches coming in, we should offer to
> mentor him to become a committer, any volunteers? Nick: I have a
> half-written e-mail suggesting it. David: happy to do the mentoring as
> the most recent addition to the team. ACTION: Nick send e-mail, David
> follow up if Javen is interested.
> Discussed web of trust - David: if I am to do a release, do I need to
> sign it with my PGP key? Nick: yes, are you in the Apache web of trust?
> ACTION: David pass keyslip to Nick so Nick can sign David's PGP key.
> ACTION: all to trawl the website for out-of-date content.
> ACTION: David to focus on formula docs + compatibility matrix images
> alongside his work in this area.
> --
> David North, Technical Lead, CoreFiling Limited
> http://www.corefiling.com
> Phone: +44-1865-203192
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