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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject [Bug 58452] Copy cell formulas containing unregistered Ptgs
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2015 02:33:50 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Javen ONeal <javenoneal@gmail.com> ---
Created attachment 33167
  --> https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=33167&action=edit
supporting changes (java docs, add FormulaParsingWorkbook.createName)

Two approaches here how to handle when an "completely unknown name" is found in
the workbook:

1) Add the name to the workbook and use that to create the NamePtg that is
linked to the workbook.
> nameToken = _book.getNameXPtg(name, null);
> if (nameToken == null) {
>     // name is not an internal or external name
>     if (log.check(POILogger.WARN)) {
>         log.log(POILogger.WARN,
>                "Name '" + name + "' is completely unknown in the current workbook.");
>     }
>     // name is probably the name of an unregistered User-Defined Function
>     addName(name);
>     hName = _book.getName(name, _sheetIndex);
>     nameToken = hName.createPtg();
> }

2) Do not add the name to the workbook. Create a NamePtg that isn't linked to
the workbook.
> nameToken = _book.getNameXPtg(name, null);
> if (nameToken == null) {
>     if (log.check(POILogger.WARN)) {
>         log.log(POILogger.WARN,
>                 "Name '" + name + "' is completely unknown in the current workbook.");
>     }
>     switch(_book.getSpreadsheetVersion()) {
>         case EXCEL97:
>             nameToken = new NameXPtg(name);
>             break;
>         case EXCEL2007:
>             nameToken = new NameXPxg(name);
>             break;
>         default:
>             throw new IllegalStateException("Unrecognized SpreadsheetVersion" + _book.getSpreadsheetVersion());
>     }
> }

The second case seems like a cleaner solution since it doesn't introduce weird
side-effects (name gets added to workbook).
However, HSSFWorkbooks require all non-built-in-names (for named ranges and
UDFs, registered or not) to have an entry in the internal or external names
table. Thus, in order to save an HSSFWorkbook, we must add the name to the
workbook, meaning option 1 is the only feasible option here. This is because
the function name token is serialized as an index into the worksheet names
table, not a string of the function name.

Workbook.createName is currently not accessible in FormulaParser.parse. In the
attached patch, I add createName to the FormulaParsingWorkbook interface so
that these names can be created.
FormulaParsingWorkbook {
  public Name createName() {
    return _uBook.createName()
Alternatively, we could just expose the _uBook Workbook via a getWorkbook()
call, and that'd save us from proxying so many functions to the underlying
Workbook. Let me know if you'd prefer that solution and I will upload the
patches with those changes.

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