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From Nick Burch <apa...@gagravarr.org>
Subject Re: Switch to maven?
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 00:20:34 GMT
On Wed, 9 Mar 2016, Andreas Beeker wrote:
> I'd keen to switch our ant build to a modulized maven build. I guess 
> there were already several discussions about this topic, but I couldn't 
> find them on a quick view.

IIRC, the stuff for building the ooxml-lite jars was felt to be one bit 
which'd be a lot of work to change over. There was also the "haven't you 
got enough real bugs to work on, without breaking something that works" 

> I expect that this change ...
> - clean-ups the directory structures

We could do that now, if we wanted, but it risks breaking lots of pending 
patches and private forks

> - better documents the external dependencies

Don't the existing ant-generated maven poms have all that in? Plus the 
website, which is where most people seem to look. Well, I say most people, 
based on the stackoverflow questions most people don't bother, guess, 
guess wrong, and whine when people point them at the docs / tell them to 
use maven / etc...

> For a start I'd move the poi modules 1:1 to poms, but eventually I'd 
> like to have format based poms for Excel, Powerpoint, ...

See above on large parts of our new users already stuffing things up when 
faced with basically just 3 POI jars. I really worry that if we add more, 
even more beginners won't be able to get it working and will give up / 
waste lots of time. We'd also break 10+ years of "stop being a muppet and 
follow this to fix your build by including the jars the docs tell you to" 
worth of advice out there on the internet

(Just check stackoverflow for people confused by tutorials or guides 
mentioning the poi-contrib package, which we removed some time ago, and 
the crazy stuff they end up doing to try to get it back without 
understanding what they're doing, for why I'm reluctant to change things 
here without very strong reasons!)


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