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From Andreas Beeker <kiwiwi...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Extracting images from pptx using xslf discarding charts.
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2017 22:04:32 GMT
just a few thoughts about the (render) implementation:
1. check if the current xmlbeans cover the chart schema in the needed areas
2. parse the references and build a chart data model
3. map data model to a existing chart api
    see alternatives of JFreeChart (which can't be used because of LGPL license) [1]
    BSD & apache license are ok [2]
4. provide a delegate renderer for the sl common drawing code

I guess 2. is quite complex.


[1] http://www.jfree.org/jfreechart/faq.html#FAQ13
[2] https://www.apache.org/legal/resolved.html
On 6/16/17 8:11 PM, Greg Woolsey wrote:
> I'm not familiar with the XSLF code at all, but charts are common between
>  cExcel and PowerPoint files - the same XML elements in both, I think, so a
> common codebase for rendering as an image would likely be appropriate.
> Others may have more/better ideas on how best to organize it.

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