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From Paul Spencer <p...@mikon.com>
Subject Re: can't find layouts/default.vm under Linux
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 18:14:32 GMT

Dave Carlson wrote:
> Santiago,
> Hmmm, very strange.  I'm not getting this error this morning, but I changed
> *nothing* other than to restart the tomcat process on my server and reboot my
> windows client.
> Looking at the jetspeed.log I see only the "null attribute _menustate"
> exception thrown since restarting tomcat this morning.  (Previous postings
> said to ignore this one.)  However, scrolling back in the log from last night
> shows many occurances of the following exception.  What is this "_display"
> attribute used for?

These messages are normal in when debug logging is enabled.  Search the
mailing list for a more detailed explanation.

> While working yesterday, I had restarted the tomcat process several times, but
> continued to reload the same browser instance on my client.  Could there have
> been some old cookie information confusing things?

I do not know :(

> [Tue Jul 31 17:36:15 MDT 2001] -- DEBUG -- JetspeedTemplatePage: requested
> template = Customize.vm
> [Tue Jul 31 17:36:15 MDT 2001] -- DEBUG -- template exists:
> /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-3.2.3/webapps/jetspeed/WEB-INF/templates/vm/screens/
> html/Customize.vm returning /html/Customize.vm

Paul Spencer

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