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From Raphaƫl Luta <raphael.l...@networks.groupvu.com>
Subject Re: modified VelocityPortlet proposal...
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 07:37:00 GMT
Stan Pinte wrote:

> hello,
> I am trying to use the VelocityPortlet to import a full turbine 
> application ( with Actions and Screens) into jetspeed...
> I modified the VelocityPortlet so that it can also invoke a screen...
> I would like to know if there are people interesting into testing that 
> with me, or giving me their thought on the modification I made...


It's a good idea to try to implement a Turbine application stub as a portlet
but I don't think you should modify VelocityPortlet, simply create a
VelocityPortlet subclass or copy the VelocityPortlet and create a new

Also, I'm not sure your proposed patch follows accurately Turbine behavior:
- if you don't find the required Screen, you should execute a Default screen
   for the package
- you patch does not deal correctly with templates located in sub-folders
   like foo/bar.vm which should match <screnn package>.foo.Bar screen

Otherwise I'm +1 to commit an updated TurbinePortlet into Jetspeed CVS, it can
probably be useful to many developers.

Raphael Luta - raphael.luta@networks.groupvu.com
Vivendi Universal Networks - Paris

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