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From Stan Pinte <stan.pi...@wanadoo.be>
Subject integrate a Turbine application into jetspeed
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2001 08:48:19 GMT


working with the jetspeed 1.3a1 release, is there an easy way (without 
writing code) to "plug" an existing turbine application into
a portlet???

I looked at the TurbineScreenPortlet and at the VelocityPortlet, and I am 
afraid all my links like

$link.setPage("Details.vm").setAction("LoadAction") won't work anymore...

has anyone integrated a working turbine application as a portlet?

As Jetspeed is based on turbine screens, it seems straightforward...

thanks a lot,

PS: rafael, I read your post "Re: VelocityPortlet vs TurbineScreenPortlet" 
of the 1st of august, but...

 > (the main one that the TurbinePortlet *must not* try to change the 
 > etc... because that will mess with the Jetspeed engine as such).

and I am of course changing the templates using 
setTemplate("newTemplate.vm") calls in my Actions or Screens...

 >Now, VelocityPortlet is just a Portlet that allows you to associate one or
 >several velocity Portlets with one action that is used to populate content
 >on demand. You can not use it as a "Turbine application front-end" directly
 >but if you have a modern Turbine app (pull + template) you can write
 >a Portlet view of this app with the VelocityPortlet in a few seconds...

I looked at the VelocityPortlet...seems nice, but I don't see nowhere in 
the code that the VelocityPortlet calls my Screen classes having the same 
name as the template ( like Turbine does ). Do you see my point?

Has someone thought about modifying this class so that it does it? I have 
the feeling that such class must already exists in the Turbine source, as 
the job is the one that the turbine engine does when generating a screen 
for a specific page...

thanks a lot,


Stanislas Pinte
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