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From Stan Pinte <stan.pi...@wanadoo.be>
Subject HELP! on VelocityPortlet Turbine integration
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 09:35:51 GMT


I have posted twice this month a help message on the problem I am having. I 
guess I was unclear in my problem desc, because I got no answer. This is a 
technical problem related to the ded list, but maybe some user will have 
experienced the same.

I have a running turbine application, with a classical Screen -> Actions -> 
Templates flow.

I would like to make a portlet to plug that application into a jetspeed 

Therefore, I must modify the VelocityPortlet class that I find in the last 
Turbine CVS. (enclosed in that mail my source code)

I must modify this class, because otherwise my screens ( java classes ) are 
not getting called when the portlet is invoked. Only the .vm files are 
called in the current version.

The problem I have is that my first screen inherits from 
VelocitySecureScreen, and in the method isAuthorized, I have the following:

   boolean isAuthorized = false;

         AccessControlList acl = data.getACL();

         if (acl == null)
             String previousTemplate = data.getScreenTemplate();

//                      System.out.println("screen template: " + 

             data.getSession().setAttribute(UI_KEY, previousTemplate);
             return false;
         } else
             return true;

So, if the user is not logged in, I redirect the user toward a login 
screen. This causes an exception, and, moreover, I receive an exception 
because the Turbine engine doesn't find the default.vm layout template...

I think I have made some mistakes in the usage of the turbine framework, as 
default.vm jetspeed layout exists...

Could someone that understands how jetspeed work tell me what I can and 
what I cannot do with the Turbine API's, in the VelocityPortlet?

thanks a lot,


Stanislas Pinte
Computer Consultant

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