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From "David Sean Taylor" <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject RE: IFrame portlet code & changes needed to get JSP Layout Mgr+Working customizer
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 05:59:18 GMT
Hi Bill,

Great work! I checked in the IFramePortlet, and added it to the registry
along with a sample.
I guess the others should've reviewed it first, but this will make it
easier for them to review.
I guess the getContent method could've used a template, perhaps a future
Btw - please don't use tabs in your editor.

Thanks for fixing the customizer to work in JSP-mode. Great

> I am definitely interested in becoming a committer.  I read 

I usually advise people who want to become a committer, to choose
something to work on, and then make a proposal.
Reading on down below, I see you have already done this. :)

> I am definitely interested in becoming a committer.  I read 
> the guidelines page and the other pages about contributing.  
> I'm partly doing this so I can use Jetspeed as a portal on my 
> site, and have the site work the way I want, but mostly I'm 
> doing this because I've been meaning to get involved in the 
> Open Source movement for some time and figured I should 
> actually just do it. Pardon the nike quote.

Glad to hear that you want to get involved. Welcome !

> I checked the mailing lists for the things on my wishlist, 
> but FYI and so I don't conflict with what anyone else is 
> doing, here is a list of things I would like to implement:
> - Image tab control that creates a box of  9 TD elements for 
> each Tab, like so
>         xxx    where right now there is only one TD for each tab
>         xCx
> C
>         xxx
>         each TD in the box surrounding the content would have a
>         background image based on the skin name, the tab skins
>         path property, an image extension,and the TD box.
>         An example would be
>             /images/portal/skins/chrome/tab-upper-left.jpeg
>         The alt text would be the output of the current Tab control.
>         The tab skins path and the image extension would be in JR.p.
I like the idea. Why do you need 9 TDs per tab?

> - FlashTitleControl : Behaves the same as TitleControl but uses
>     one of the following options:
>     1) One flash movie for the title bar. This movie would be passed
>     the following params:
>         title, maximizable,minimizable, editable, maxhref, 
> minhref, edithref
>     2) Four flash movies: title,maxbutton,minbutton,editbutton.
>     The title movie would be passed the title param, and the button
>     movies would be passed their respective hrefs.

This sounds great, I'm very interested in learning Flash. 
Do you know if we can we use Flash in open source?

> -TLB portlets option (Top-left-bottom navigations begin 
> portlet content)
>     -Add a defaultleft.psml,defaultbottom.psml,and 
> defaulttop.psml so that if
>     the option is enabled the top, left, and bottom can be 
> generated with
>     portlets as well.
>     -Add a bottom_portlets.jsp,left_portlets.jsp,top_portlets.jsp,
>     and top_portlets_loggedIn.jsp to navigations.  Do same for vm
>     navigations.
>     -Add three controlling properties to JR.p, one to turn 
> on/off using
>     portlet content for top,left, and bottom respectively.
>     -Add  customizeLeft, customizeBottom, customizeTop portal/actions
>     -Add customizeLeft.jsp, customizeBottom.jsp, customizeTop.jsp
>     -Add customizeLeft.vm, customizeBottom.vm, customizeTop.vm
>     -I will try to make this as generic as I can, since the 
> ideal seems to
>     be the user specifying the number of content windows, 
> their layout,
>     and the portlet layout (i.e. psml file) to use.

Try to put this into a more formal proposal for the group to read.
Nothing that fancy, see the /proposals directory in the cvs for
Then send it to both the jetspeed-dev and jetspeed-user lists.


> There's more, but seems best to start with three things.  
> When I get those three things done, then I'll post another 
> plan message. If anyone is working on these things already 
> then please email me.
> Thanks,
> Bill

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