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From Glenn Golden <ggol...@umich.edu>
Subject RE: export from castor db to dbpsml problems
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 14:21:33 GMT
David -

Thanks for your help on this.  It works now!  I think the exception was
being thrown when the db psml manager service was not properly configured (I
had a double setting of the boolean caching setting, and it at that point
choked and died on that [ since fixed ]).  Now I can run this from my
project's ant script, outside the jetspeed build environment (inside a
deployed jetspeed environment), and it works fine.

I think the mapping file was there, but the part of the init() that set it
up was not called due to the conf. error.

- Glenn

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Sean Taylor [mailto:david.sean.taylor@bbc.co.uk] 
> Sent: Friday, September 20, 2002 6:12 AM
> To: 'Jetspeed Developers List'
> Subject: RE: export from castor db to dbpsml problems
> Glenn,
> The importer can work from any directory on the file system 
> by combining this JR.p setting:
> services.PsmlManager.root=/WEB-INF/psml
> With the 2nd arg in the import target:
>             <arg value="false"/>
>             <arg value="./bin"/>
> ...to find your file-based PSML.
> The example above locates to ./bin/WEB-INF/psml as the PSML 
> root on the file system.
> Im looking at your stack trace,
> > java.lang.NullPointerException
> >          at
> > org.exolab.castor.xml.Marshaller.setMapping(Marshaller.java:323)
> And setMapping is what sets the mapping file defined in the JR.p
> /WEB-INF/conf/psml-mapping.xml
> Anyway it shouldn't get a NULL pointer error if its not found 
> so that needs to be fixed.
> David

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