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From "Mark Finkenhagen" <mfinkenha...@swmail.sw.org>
Subject Re: Bread Crumb Navigation Portlet
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 13:03:50 GMT
We are doing this on our site www.swhp.org . I have heard this called
bread crumb's by a few of the vendors that have rolled through our shop,
so it is an accurate name. I have also heard it referred to as a history
trail but I think bread crumb is the most common.
We have a history portlet across the top of the pages that basically
keeps track of a stack to push and pop link information on and off to
build the bread crumbs. Here is a list of some of the issues:
- Every link (action) selected has to send a message to the history
portlet telling it what was done. This is no big deal since all the
portlets on our site broadcast this information to all portlets on the
page. It is a big deal when trying to make a generic bread crumb portlet
as not all portlets will broadcast link information and if they do there
is no standard for what they will send.
- It is extremely difficult to share information between pages. So the
bread crumb trail is only for pages visited with in the particular page
on the portal. This sounds like double talk but if you browse around our
health plan site you'll notice that there are several areas Visitors,
Members, Employers, and so on. Each one of these is a separate page in
the portal. So each one will keep its own bread crumb trail.
- The links are dynamically generated so you can not keep a history of
the URL's and work with them. You need to be able to create the action
with the various action information that created the original link.
We are using IBM's WebSphere Portal v4 for this site. Before we
converted it to v4 we were running it on Portal 2.1 which was jetspeed
Mark Finkenhagen

>>> TTelcik@hbf.com.au 9/2/2004 11:38:06 PM >>>

Hello Jaq, 

allow me clarify a litte more ... 

Users will not have the ability to customise portlets on our web site.
All users will be considered "anonymous" without any customisation

We would define a bread crumb navigation portlet that is displayed on
each page, hence the navigation portlet would always be displayed. 

We would have a main (aka. home) page with category and sub-category

The bread crumb portlet would be used in conjunction with the main menu
and side menu (when required). 

We are hoping to avoid an explicit site/structure file, instead
deriving the page location from implicit or explicit meta data
associated with PSML documents. 

We are still learning our way around Jetspeed 1, so any pointers are

I am also curious as the correct keywords to use when describing this
problem to others within this mail group and other portlet developers. 
Does bread crumb navigation have another more common or generalised
name ? 


Jaq Marit wrote:

>A bread crumb in the entire portal is not much of use since the
>and other components are already organized (and can be customized) in
such a
>way that navigation is already made very convenient. Besides, you
can't expect
>that all users will have the same profiles/preferences with regards to
>content of their pages.  I guess, this is one of the major
distinctions between
>a web site (same content for all users) and a portal (customized
content for
>every user).  
>Ifever you need a bread crumb, that should already be associated
directly to a
>particular portlet.
>Just a thought...
>Quoting TTelcik@hbf.com.au:
>>Hello Peoples,
>>we are looking to implement a "bread crumb" (path) style navigation 
>>portlet within Jetspeed 1.5 (and then Jetspeed 1.6 with the JSR 168 
>>adapter when available).
>>This feature is quite common for many web sites with a single view.
>>Does this style of navigation have a general name ?
>>Has anybody seen or worked on a general approach (or pattern) for
>>type of problem ?
>>It would seem this type of portlet could be used for many web sites 
>>requiring a particular kind of navigation.
>>Comments and thoughts welcome.
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