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From "Scott T. Weaver" <scotts-jetspeed-l...@binary-designs.net>
Subject Re: [J2] New PAM/Deployer
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 21:50:39 GMT
Seems to be working for me.  However, I had to modify the redploy() 
method in FilSystemPAM as such:

            // It might be the case were things have become 
unsynchronized and the target app for redploy
            // actully needs the full deploy treatment. 
                doUnregister(paWar.getPortletApplicationName(), false);
                String paName = paWar.getPortletApplicationName();
                DirectoryHelper deployedDir = new DirectoryHelper(new 
File(webAppsDir + "/" + paName));
                PortletApplicationWar existingWar = new 
PortletApplicationWar(deployedDir, paName, "/" + paName);

                sysDeploy(paWar, DEPLOY_WAR);

reason being that it appears that if an app is deployed in the app 
server but not in jetspeed, the app is never registered to jetspeed.  I 
added a simple check that if we were  trying to redeploy an app that 
exists in the container but not in jetspeed we just do a full deploy 

Does this make sense?  I was having issues redploying my custom portal 
that uses the "pam" app for the LocaleSelector however, the deployment 
of the portal DOES NOT remove the pam app from tomcat, hence the issue I 
have outlined above rearing its head.  Adding the above logic seemed to 
fix this for me.

Randy Watler wrote:

> I have committed a new PAM/deployer implementation that uses the 
> deploy-tool component to infuse portlet application war files for J2. 
> This is being done in an attempt to simplify the deployment process 
> and make it more reliable. Please bear with me on this change... I 
> need feedback from all of you on how the new approach fairs in your 
> environment.
> This implementation, (WarInfusionPAM), eliminates the requirement to 
> have the Tomcat manager web application in place and all of the 
> associated configuration options. Instead, this PAM places WAR files, 
> (or expanded webapp directories and context.xml file sin the case of 
> Tomcat4), in the container target webapps directory. The assumption is 
> that the container will support "auto", "live" or "hot" deployment of 
> some sort. When the portlet application webapp is loaded, it uses the 
> JetspeedContainerServlet.init() invocation to register the portlet 
> application in the webapp with the PAM implementation. Hopefully, 
> there will no longer be a need to specialize deployment 
> implementations per container.
> I have left the preexisting deployer option in place, 
> (ApplicationServerPAM), so you should be able to roll back the PAM 
> implementation if you run into problems. You will need to comment out 
> the WarInfusionPAM bean and uncomment the ApplicationServerPAM and 
> TomcatManager bean entries.
> There is one option that can be set in the spring configuration of 
> WarInfusionPAM to control whether the PAM interacts with the webapps 
> directory  using expanded webapps directories or with war files. By 
> default, it uses expanded webapps if a context.xml file is found in 
> the webapps directory, (i.e. jetspeed and jetspeed.xml). Setting the 
> boolean field value in jetspeed-spring.xml forces the selected mode.
> At the moment, there is a problem with undeploy/redeploy on Windows 
> platforms. I believe this is due to file read locks on the WEB-INF/lib 
> jar files, possibly others. I am currently working on a solution 
> and/or workaround for this problem.
> Randy
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