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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: J2 release for ApacheCon ?
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 18:18:43 GMT
Raphaƫl Luta wrote:

> Major cool :)
> Can any English native speaker try to write a small press release for 2.0 so
> that we can submit it to susan on the PRC ?
> If nobody volunteers, I can have a go over the week-end but I'm awfully bad
> at press releases :/
Here's a rough draft.
Im sure Im missing something. Please feel free to add stuff in...

The Apache Portals Jetspeed Team is pleased to announce the final 
release of the Jetspeed-2 Open Source Enterprise Portal. This final 
release is fully-compliant with the Portlet Specification 1.0 (JSR-168).
Jetspeed-2 has pased the TCK (Test Compatibility Kit) suite and is fully 
CERTIFIED to the Java Portlet Standard.

Features of the Final Release Include:

* Fully compliant with Java Portlet API Standard 1.0 (JSR 168)
* Passed JSR-168 TCK Compatibility Test Suite
* J2EE Security based on JAAS Standard, JAAS DB Portal Security Policy
* LDAP Support for User Authentication

Foundation Component Architecture:
* Spring-based Component and Scalable Architecture
* Configurable Pipeline Request Processor
* Auto Deployment of Portlet Applications
* Jetspeed Component Java API
* Jetspeed AJAX XML API

Portal Features:
* Component Skins (Decorators), Layouts
* Page and Portlet Security Constraints
* PSML Folder CMS Navigations, Menus, Links
* Jetspeed SSO (Single Sign-on)
* Full Localization Support
* Rules-based Profiler
* Database PSML Manager
* Security Architecture based on JAAS
* an efficient multi-device user customizable portal interface
* client indepdent capability engine (html, xhtml, wml,vml)
* Administrative Portlets
* Sample Portlets
    - Bridges (JSF, Struts, PHP, Perl, Velocity)
    - RSS, IFrame, Calendar XSLT, Bookmark, Database Browser
* Page Customization

The release is available for download from the Apache Download Mirrors:


Follow the links to portals/jetspeed-2

Two (three) binary releases are provided.

1. Jetspeed-2 + Tomcat 5.0.30 distribution.
2. Jetspeed-2 + Tomcat 5.5.9 distribution.
3. Geronimo?

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