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From Randy Watler <wat...@wispertel.net>
Subject Re: Maven2 Build Status
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 05:15:32 GMT

These are all baby steps along the way to these goals:

0. Support Maven1 while developing new build solution.
1. Continue to support Maven, (in particular Maven2), for internal
builds as is being done by many Apache projects.
2. Avoid ANY plugin based code in favor of Ant build customizations.
3. Create a genapp solution that can be used by BOTH Maven2 and Ant
centric folk.
4. Produce binary distributions that ease the pain associated with the
Maven remote repository based solutions, (e.g. make a populated maven
repository available for download).
5. Create a 100% Ant genapp environment based on the same Ant scripts
the Maven2 build uses.

So, in a nutshell, I am basically reimplementing the existing plugin in
Ant. To do this, I am using the Maven2 Ant Artifact task library. Maven2
does most of the compiling and artifact creation, but Ant does all of
the things J2 implementors might need to do. At this point, the Ant
tasks that are part of the build are skewed toward the needs of Maven2,
but that will be changing in the next few days: my current focus is J2

For the Maven2 based genapp approach, I am planning to use a Maven2
archetype to do most of the heavy lifting at first. Once again, this
will be Ant based under the Maven2 build. After we are satisfied that
the Maven2 aspects of genapp are decided, I will then include an Ant
main build script that takes the place of Maven2. Then, the only
question that remains is how to instantiate that environment.

I am not sure how to address the downloads yet. We will either continue
to use Maven2's repository, deliver a repository download, or rely on
the traditional and lib directory approach.

While our users clearly want an Ant option of some form and I am
attempting to answer the bell in that ring, the development community is
willing to give Maven2 a chance. I believe that there is quite a bit of
power in the Maven2+Ant approach. In fact, one can even write Ant
plugins in Maven2. I am steering clear of this for now as a concession
to the Ant community within J2. It does, however, demonstrate the fact
that Maven2 and Ant can be symbiotic technologies.

Finally, I have to say that there are bugs in Maven2 that are making
this whole process harder than it should be. I plan on working with the
Maven2 team, just as many of you work with us, to resolve them as best I
can. In the process, I expect the Maven2 configurations to be in a bit
of flux. However, the Ant work I am going to try to preserve in the
process. It really represents the bulk of the work here, so please
understand that this IS a vote for Ant!

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 09:55 -0800, David Sean Taylor wrote:
> watler@wispertel.net wrote:
> > I have added some new capabilities to the Maven2 build. Here is an outline
> > of the current commands:
> > 
> > mvn clean
> > mvn -P [test][,min]
> > mvn -P tomcat,[test],[,min][,nodb]
> > mvn -P tomcat,hot,[test],[min]
> > 
> > where:
> > 
> > clean = clean build
> > test = build with component tests
> > min = minimum pages/portlet apps build
> > nodb = skip production db update
> > hot = hot deploy components, applications, or portal content
> > 
> > It is starting to get there... at last!
> > 
> > Randy
> > 
> Excellent! Looks very straight forward and easy to understand.
> I like that there is a specific deployment profile for Tomcat.
> The Maven-1 build was Tomcat-centric.
> We can later write profiles for Geronimo, Jetty...very cool.
> IMO, we need to support the 'genapp' use case, because that is what we 
> all use with Maven-1 to configure and maintain a customized portal.
> Could you briefly explain how Maven-2 can be applied to solve the 
> genapp use case?
> Also, if users want to use Ant to genapp, would that be possible?
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