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From Randy Watler <wat...@wispertel.net>
Subject Re: Maven2 Build Status
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 20:21:47 GMT

Thanks for your continued interest in getting Maven2 up and running on
Jetspeed2. See inline comments below... 

On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 21:00 +1100, Brett Porter wrote:
> Hi Randy,
> I was pointed at your previous Maven2 discussions and asked to help
> out where I can.
> I have a couple of thoughts:
> On 3/18/06, Randy Watler <watler@wispertel.net> wrote:
> > For the Maven2 based genapp approach, I am planning to use a Maven2
> > archetype to do most of the heavy lifting at first. Once again, this
> > will be Ant based under the Maven2 build.
> Would it help if we added the archetype creation to our ant tasks?
> Remember, Maven plugins are designed to be easily wrapped as ant
> tasks, so we can do that for the archetype plugin goals if needed.

This may indeed be helpful, but I am not quite ready to answer yet. Once
I have the archetypes developed and we are happy with that approach, it
is likely that our Ant user community would like to see such a thing. I
am already making heavy use of the Maven2 Artifact Ant library, so
relying on another Maven Ant task would not pose an issue. There is also
a chance that the number of properties that need to be supplied to the
archetype generation are small and that we may be able to use some
simple Ant replace tasks to customize a downloaded pre-expanded
archetype. Not sure yet there... but I am very certain that we will need
to provide a downloadable repository to help first time users get
bootstrapped in the Ant environment. We will also be maintaining a
Jetspeed specific repository graciously hosted by BlueSunrise to help
insulate Jetspeed users from POM issues that crop up occasionally in the
central repository.
> > Finally, I have to say that there are bugs in Maven2 that are making
> > this whole process harder than it should be. I plan on working with the
> > Maven2 team, just as many of you work with us, to resolve them as best I
> > can.
> Happy to help - just point out the issues you file so that we can give
> them some priority.

I will certainly do that. I have not run into any showstoppers yet, but
there have been some things that have taken me some time to figure out.
Overall, I am satisfied with Maven2 and its ability to support
Jetspeed's build requirements. You guys have also been great on IRC...
thanks for the help.

I would be very interested in having you guys review the Jetspeed Maven2
build once it is complete. I am not sure that I have made the best
choices along the way, and could use some mentoring. At the moment, the
Maven2 build is setup alongside the Maven1 build and is available in the
Jetspeed 2.1-dev SVN trunk.

Thanks again,


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