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From "Ate Douma (JIRA)" <jetspeed-...@portals.apache.org>
Subject [jira] Updated: (JS2-524) Providing a "print" custom PortletMode and a "solo" custom WindowState
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 15:48:20 GMT
     [ http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JS2-524?page=all ]

Ate Douma updated JS2-524:

    Summary: Providing a "print" custom PortletMode and a "solo" custom  WindowState  (was:
Providing a "print" custom PorltletMode and a "solo" custom  WindowState)

Fixing subject typo

> Providing a "print" custom PortletMode and a "solo" custom  WindowState
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>          Key: JS2-524
>          URL: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JS2-524
>      Project: Jetspeed 2
>         Type: New Feature

>   Components: Container, Decorations/Themes, Demo Portlets, Layout
>     Versions: 2.1, 2.1-dev
>     Reporter: Ate Douma
>     Assignee: Ate Douma
>      Fix For: 2.1, 2.1-dev

> Being able to "print" the contents of one portlet without any layout, navigation and
window decoration is a commonly requested feature.
> I'm going to provide a custom "print" mode, including a nice print portlet decorator
action/icon, using the newly provided support for
> custom PortletModes and WindowStates (see: JS2-523).
> Rendering a portlet "separately", without any additional layout, navigation and/or window/portlet
decoration isn't straightforward.
> First of all, the preferred way of providing this is using a popup browser window.
> Simply using something like the portlet pipeline won't do for rendering as that is just
"raw" output: a HTML (or other content type) fragment only.
> What we need is the rendering of the original page header and body, including and especially
the css stylesheets, but now only with the content of the selected portlet.
> Furthermore, this portlet might need to be interactive. 
> Meaning: a user still can interact with the portlet and possibly even change (render)
parameters and portlet mode (sic!).
> But, as this is a separate popup browser window and the *same* portlet (window) is *also*
displayed in the original browser window, how should
> changes to the (navigational) state in the one window effect the rendering in the other
> Note: this isn't a "new" problem: any popup/secondary window displaying one or more portlets
exhibits the same problems.   
> I'm going to provide a solution using a custom "solo" WindowState: navigational state
of a Portlet in "solo" state will *not* be persisted in the session.
> Note: if you happen to (have to) use PathNavigationalState instead of SessionNavigationalState,
this isn't your problem, but then, you probably have others...
> I've borrowed The "solo" WindowState from the (draft) WSRP 2.0 specification:
>   6.10.4 "wsrp:solo" Window State
>          The wsrp:solo window state is an indication the Portlet is the only Portlet
being rendered in the aggregated page.
>          A Portlet SHOULD generate richer content when its window state is wsrp:solo
> I will provide a new custom DecoratorActionsFactory: PrintSoloDecoratorActionsFactory
using the custom "print" mode and "solo" state. 
> (see for a short description of the new Portlet DecoratorAction handling: JS2-523).
> The PrintSoloDecoratorActionsFactory will feed the DecoratorValve with the custom "print"
mode and "solo" state as supported actions.
> If:
> - a portlet decorator specifies this factory in its decorator.properties like this: 

>     actions.factory=org.apache.jetspeed.decoration.PrintSoloDecoratorActionsFactory
> - and the portlet to be decorated belongs to an PortletApplication supporting custom
portlet mode "print" and custom window state "solo"
>   (possibly by mapping different named values using jetspeed-portlet.xml, see JS2-523)
> - and the portlet itself also supports the custom "print" mode as defined in its portlet.xml
>       ...
>       <supports>
>         <mime-type>text/html</mime-type>
>         <portlet-mode>print</portlet-mode>
>       </supports>
>       ...
> - and both the "print" mode and "solo" state are current possible/allowed
> Then:
> The PrintSoloDecoratorActionsFactory will "merge" the "solo" state DecoratorActionTemplate
with the "print" DecoratorActionTemplate,
> leading to *one* "print" action which will invoke the portlet in "print" mode and "solo"
state in a popup (_blank) target browser window.
> If only "print" mode is possible/allowed, the "print" action/icon will be rendered as
usual but only effect the portlet PortletMode.
> If only "solo" state is possible/allowed, the PrintSoloDecoratorActionsFactory will *remove*
the action and no action/icon will be shown for it.
> Finally, if the current WindowState is "solo", all the other WindowState actions will
be removed. This to prevent a user to "fall back" to
> another WindowState within a "solo" popup window. 
> Note: normally a user won't notice this as the default portlet decorator (modified as
described below) won't render any window decoration when in "solo" state.
> The rendering of the "solo" state popup window content will be handled by a new layout
portlet template called "solo".
> The new "solo" template layout.vm will render only the selected portlet and delegate
that to the portlet decorator.
> I'll adjust the default portlet decorator.vm to handle rendering "solo" state portlets.
> Right now, a normally (e.g. not "solo") rendered portlet is wrapped in a div with a "PContent"
> Most portlet decorator css styles, have a border defined for this "PContent" class, which
is a bit annoying when you want to render a portlet
> "solo" without any window decoration effect.
> So, I'm going to wrap a portlet rendered normally in another div with a new class "PContentBorder"
and move the border definitions from
> the "PContent" class to the "PContentBorder".
> Then, when rendering a portlet in "solo" state, the portlet is only wrapped in the div
with the "PContent" class and no extra decoration border
> is shown anymore.
> I'll showcase this new feature using the "PickANumberPortlet" portlet from the demo portlet
> For this, I'll add custom-portlet-mode "print" and custom-window-state "popup" to its
portlet.xml and add "print" as a supported mode of "PickANumberPortlet".
> And I'll map the "popup" custom window state to the Jetspeed provided "solo" state using
> Finally, I'll extend the PickANumberPortlet to override the GenericPortlet.doDispatch
method as that won't handle a custom PortletMode
> (it will throw a PortletException if you don't override/handle this yourself).

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