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From Vladimir Figurov <VFigu...@asia-soft.kz>
Subject JSF portlet - how to getting the Jetspeed functions?
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 10:04:50 GMT
I'm sorry, devs,

I can't find docs, mans about JSF-bridge-Jetspeed 1.6 fusion
and have a truble with invoke from JSF-Portlet a jetspeed functions 
(js_peid, etc...)

I am using a Jestspeed 1.6 with fusion.
I am a try building JSF based portlet for master-detail tables.

Necessary, that after click on the button (or link) the new window with
details opened. Without any portal's elements - as Print mode.

FIRST Attempt:
If I use a next method:
     <h:commandLink id="clnkShowReport"
                     value="Show report"/>
then I getted a new window, but with full portal's elements (Logo, menu,

SECOND Attempt:
If I use another method:
    <h:outputLink id="olnkShowReport"
      <f:verbatim>Show report</f:verbatim>

then I getting a Error:
javax.faces.FacesException: Unsupported context type

In JSP-portlets there is a full access to all set of Jetspeed's functions.

But JSF-Portlets - is BLACK BOX.   %(
I cannot find access to jetspeed functions - all is limited a Pluto
"sandbox" and Portlet-JSR 168 API.
And this API do not allow to operate modes of construction of the target
(out) screen from templates, change templates, ets.

How I can get RunDate, js_peid?

Any body know there I can find a docs, manual for work with JSF-Portlets
& Jetspeed?



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