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From "Bhaskar Roy" <bhaskar....@chikpea.com>
Subject RE: Pleas, how to build / deploy JS2 using Maven2
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 13:14:20 GMT
Hi Javier,

I never used LDAP, but in similar situation, I just did "jar -tvf" on
possible jars to check.

Bhaskar Roy

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From: Javier padrón [mailto:jpadron@nartexsoft.com] 
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 4:42 PM
To: jetspeed-dev@portals.apache.org; jetspeed-user@portals.apache.org
Subject: Pleas, how to build / deploy JS2 using Maven2

Pleas, somebody can say to me as it is the best option to build/to install
JS2?...  I have been 5 days trying it :( .
I have tried it all already.
1) Download the binary version and I installed it without problems, but he
is something obsolete, when trying to integrate with LDAP, by the sight lack
they do not exist in the file to jetspeed-security-2.0.jar.
The best way thing according to I have read, is to download the last version
of apache repositorty svn.
2) Download complete version from repository, but profit not to do deploy in
tomcat. I have configure the files correctly.
In the pages of Apache, it says that
CD ${org.apache.jetspeed.project.home}
maven initMavenPlugin
maven allClean allBuild... 
This is maven 1.x.. I have installed maven1.x and when doing everything what
says in (http://portals.apache.org/jetspeed-2/getting-started-source.html),
the references that download is ' - 2.0.jar' and not ' - 2.1-dev.jar'.
With Maven2 that is exactly what I have had to do for being able for buid
and deploy of JS2?
mvn - P tomcat? , it is that in a site they say a thing, in another other...

I have been years working with java, and the installation and configuration
of JS2 it seems to me of most absurd, the binary installer has more than 1
year without updating, the documentation to compile the code refers
maven1.x, when the JS2 require mavaen2, is no a clear guide of like making
this style 1) TODO A, 2) TODO B, 3) TODO C... 
It seems to me of crazy people the philosophy and complexity of the
installation and pathetic documentation, brutally obsolete.
It would be thankful to that it can indicate the steps to me to follow to
construct to the source code of JS2, with maven2, or a URL to some web page
one where it is best explained.
Javier Padrón

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