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From Carsten Ziegeler <cziege...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [RT] Spring Configuation
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 09:05:59 GMT
Ate Douma wrote:
> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>> Ok, I'm back from vacation and thought about this a little bit more. I
>> think my old proposal (quoted below) is not needed and all we need is
>> something as Ate proposed: a xml schema extension for spring handling
>> conditionals.
>> If noone has done looked into this yet, I'll have a look in the next
>> days if it's possible.
> That would be great!
> I haven't had time to further investigate and search for possibly
> already defined/discussed similar solutions (the spring forums especially).
> So you're more than welcome to dive into it Carsten :)
I searched a little bit but didn't find similar solutions yet (but I'll
continue searching). In the meantime I looked at the namespace handling
stuff in Spring again, and it seems that's impossible to implement
conditional bean definitions with a namespace. The only working way
would be to wrap each bean definition with a condition, like

<bean name="general-db-service".../>
<cond:if test="o.a.jetspeed.db = hqsldb">
   <bean name="...."/>
<cond:if test="o.a.jetspeed.db = hqsldb">
   <bean name="...."/>
<cond:if test="o.a.jetspeed.db = derby">
   <bean name="...."/>

But even in this case, it would be a little bit tricky.

Now, to my knowledge we have two solutions:
a) we define our own xml parser for these configuration files and this
parser filters the bean definition, so something like

<bean name="general-db-service".../>
<cond:if test="o.a.jetspeed.db = hqsldb">
   <bean name="...."/>
   <bean name="...."/>
<cond:if test="o.a.jetspeed.db = derby">
   <bean name="...."/>

would be possible.

b) We keep the various definitions in separate files, so in this example
we have three configuration files, one containing the general definition
for "general-db-service", one containing the hqsldb variant and one for
the derby stuff.
Then we need some external mechanism to specify when to read which
configuration files.

In both cases we need something like the current cocoon spring
configurator that controls the parsing of the configuration files. I
think a) is more maintainable and flexible.


Carsten Ziegeler

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