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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Planning jetspeed-2.2.2, pluto-2.0.3, bridges-script-2.0 and several apa-*-1.2 releases
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 00:35:30 GMT
On 09/22/2011 05:23 PM, David Taylor wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 3:36 AM, Ate Douma<ate@douma.nu>  wrote:
>> (note: moved this response to jetspeed-dev@ as I don't think it concerns
>> pluto-dev@)
> Ah, your cross post got me
>> On 09/20/2011 07:55 AM, David Taylor wrote:
>>> Ate, I thought you were planning on updating the LDAP documentation
>>> before releasing 2.2.....
>> Hi David,
>> Yes, that has been my intention, but so far I haven't been able to allocate
>> time for this yet. And as none of our customers are waiting for this either,
>> it has to come out of my own personal time.
> Well, if you don't have time to work on it, that is understandable.
> Let someone else do it. There needs to be a documented step by step
> process for cutting a release so that any committer who is not busy
> can step up. Its been a few releases since I released any Apache
> project, to be honest I don't remember all the steps. Seems this
> document is not up-to-date and actually has old procedures:
> docs/release/RELEASE-TODO.txt
> Could you possibly update the document (for Jetspeed and Pluto as
> well), while its fresh in your mind, I really don't mean to make more
> work for you....

Yes I can and will do that.
The procedure for Pluto is pretty simple and standard.
Good and extensive documentation for this can also be found at Apache Rave 
(Incubating), http://incubator.apache.org/rave/release-management.html.
I can trim that down as a straight forward set of instructions and put it 
somewhere in the portals svn tree.

And Jetspeed-2 is actually not much different with the exception that we employ 
custom pom (jetspeed-mvn-*-pom.xml) files which Maven isn't aware of and 
therefore cannot automatically synchronize during the release process. So, those 
files needs to be updated manually before, and after the standard release 
procedure. But that's about the only difference as far as I remember.
Anyway, I'll add instructions for this as well.

>> As a voluntary task I need to balance that against other responsibilities
>> and currently there are simply too many other things taking precedence.
>> That is unsatisfactory of course, definitely for me as well, but it is how
>> things work with voluntary contributions.
>> I still do intent to pick this up but I can't and won't make specific
>> promises anymore for when it will be done.
>> Concerning the jetspeed 2.2.2 release, the LDAP integration certainly is a
>> nice feature, but as said we don't have any customers waiting for this
>> documentation, while there is a need for the new Jetspeed release.
> The problem is that the current documentation is no longer accurate.
> It leads people into a trap, they get stuck, and no one responds on
> jetspeed-user mailing list to help them. See Jerome Dupont's questions
> on jetspeed-user this summer. Because LDAP integration requires step
> by step procedures, it should never have been released without proper
> documentation
Acknowledged. However that doesn't change my ability to do something about it 
right now. And for the record, there are more existing docs which still are 
based on Jetspeed 2.1.x, e.g. largely outdated, so its not like only an issue 
with the LDAP docs.

>> Woonsan already got the portal-bridges-script-2.0 release vote going (should
>> be completed today I think) and I initiated the release for pluto-2.0.3 late
>> last night.
>> The next phase will be the release preparation for the apa-* modules and
>> thereafter sometimes next week the final release for jetspeed.
>> However, there are still a few issues open on Jetspeed for which it is
>> unclear to me how/when these can be resolved or else moved to the next
>> version.
>> As 3 of those are currently assigned to you, can you provide some indication
>> for these?
> The JetUI documentation took a lot of my time.
I could see that: very extensive and looking great! Good job.

> I will continue going
> through all bugs and close them out by early next week
Cool, thanks for that.

>> Finally, we need one last but required improvement for the
>> jetspeed-installer: dynamically configuring the Jetspeed admin and Tomcat
>> manager/deployer account passwords at install time. Currently these are
>> hard-coded and thereby pose a potential security risk which we should fix
>> before this release.
>> I'll create a separate JIRA issue for it later today.
> Yup, I remember that one. I was thinking it would be a required entry
> field on a new panel in the Jetspeed installer. I guess its a security
> risk to even provide default values...
See: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JS2-1258

For the record, after I created this issue I gave it some more thought and I'm 
now included to just disable the Tomcat Manager usage and provide some 
instructions how a user can enable it themselves. Wiring this within the 
JetspeedInstaller isn't so trivial, especially not if also the admin password 
needs to be user seeded. The Installer also has the capability to (only) reset 
the database or import/export/migrate it. That complicates this considerably.
But I'll come back on that later.

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