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From Vladimir Figurov <VFigu...@asia-soft.kz>
Subject I find where a problem with NLS in html-docs in Web Content portlet.1.0
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2009 13:17:17 GMT
I find where a problem with NLS in html-docs in Web Content portlet.1.0 
- the InputStreamReader's encoding take the value from ( for some 
reasone ) is incorrected httpMethod.getResponseCharSet(). Look at this:

org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent.portlet.WebContentPortlet {

  // Create the httpMethod object
  doWebContent(...,RenderRequest request,..) {
     HttpClient httpClient = getHttpClient(request);
     httpMethod = getHttpMethod(httpClient, getURLSource(sourceAttr, 
sourceParams, request, response), sourceParams, method, request);

  // Use a httpMethod object for getting response.
  doHttpWebContent(..., HttpMethod httpMethod,...) {
    String encoding = ((HttpMethodBase)httpMethod).getResponseCharSet();
    if (encoding == null)
                // Vladimir Figurov comment - NOT ONCE NO RUN HERE - 
encoding  is ISO-8859-1
                encoding = getContentCharSet(bis);
    Reader htmlReader = new InputStreamReader(bis, encoding);

As I see, the Author is try read the first the source's HttpServer 
encoding, and only if is NULL, try getted encode value from html-doc's 
But I think, that the must read from html-doc's in first - since the on 
ONE HttServer instance may be a perfectly hosted a different html-docs 
with different encoding... and only if html.doc's not including a <meta 
.. encoding> tag - then read a Server encoding parameter.


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