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From Masumi Ito <mas-...@mb.infosnow.ne.jp>
Subject Confirmation about portlet application and portlet
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 00:28:00 GMT
Hi, All.
There are several points I want to confirm about portlet 
application and portlet. 

1. Can we include a number of portlets in one portlet 
If possible, these portlets can share same session with cookie 
initialized per group(portlet application). And then it 
seems that deployment working of portlet is carried out not per 
portlet but per portlet application, so by just once installing 
a portlet application in Tomcat, WSRP Producer can
expose multi-portlets included in it as WSRP portlets.
(In this case, these can be different kinds of portlets.)

2. If 1. is possible, all of these portlets' meta infomation 
need to be written anywhere.  Portlet.xml corresponds to this 
in JSR168 Spec. 
Well, should we prepare portlet.xml files as many as the 
number of portlets included in the portlet application? 
Or prepare a portlet.xml file and write many meta-info about 
them in it?

3. If both 1. and 2. are OK, can a portlet call for other 
portlets included in the same portlet application with same 
session shared?
If so, we can make portlet application utilizing coordination 
between portlets.



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