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From "Selvaganapthy" <se...@in.firstrain.com>
Subject Issues with WSRP portlets
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:04:12 GMT

I was just playing around wsrp sample portlets and i faced the following issues.

1.Navigation is working fine on the swing consumer but I am not able to do 'Form Submission'
on test4.jsp.

2.Images pointing to 'web url' on the swing consumer are not appearing.

3.Is it possible to have init-param in portlet.xml ? If current implementation is not supporting,then
how can i get some portletConfig data into my portlets to init??

4.Is there any one to one  mapping between 'portlet application' in portlet.xml and servlet
applicaiton in web.xml?? i.e.,Is it possinle
to have multiple portlets in a portlet application that corresponds to single servlet application??.

5.Does any portal server has 100 % support for wsrp/jsr168 ,so that we can test our wsrp portlets

Thanks in advance,


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