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From stephen chi zhang <schizh...@viator.com>
Subject Is that possible to bypass the SwingComsumer and TCP mon to run wsrp on a pluto container
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 22:41:37 GMT
Like what another peer has mentioned in a message before, when I deploy 
the proxyportlet onto pluto sitting on tomcat, I cannot see the wsrptest 
portlet being displayed untill I run TCP  mon and SwingComsumer once. In 
fact, if you test wsrp4j on two different machines, the producer side 
doesnot need to run anything besides Tomcat, while the comsumer has to 
run tcp mon and swingcomsumer.
Is it possible to bypass tcp mon and the swing thing?
My end goal of this bypassing is to see the wsrp portlet displayed on a 
browser( action as the comsumer client ) without doing anthing more than 
just openning the browser and typing the uri onto the address bar.


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