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From Diego Louzán <diegolou...@metalicana.org>
Subject Re: Solo window
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 11:52:42 GMT
     The solo window state is described in the WSRP Specification (Section 
6.9.4): "[...] A Portlet SHOULD generate richer content when its window state 
is wsrp:solo [...]". As far as I know, the window states are extensible. In the 
ServiceDescription class returned by the getServiceDescription operation there 
is a customWindowStateDescriptions field describing the additional window 
states supported by the producer. Furthermore, PortletDescription interface 
includes a field markupTypes, which has a windowStates attribute specifying 
window states supported by the portlet.
     If you take a look at org.apache.wsrp4j.util.WindowStates, you'll see that 
WSRP4J has the «solo» window state defined. The proxyportlet class (consumer) 
org.apache.wsrp4j.consumer.portlet.impl.ConsumerEnvironmentImpl only defines 
the three standard window states, so I suppose that, provided your producer 
implementation supports it, you could play with this class to use «solo» window 
state. I also suppose that it depends on the portal implementation (for 
example, Pluto Portal).
     However, I don't know if it is supported in the producer side of WSRP4J, 
because at the moment I'm only investigating the consumer side (proxyportlet).


Amol Jakatdar wrote:
> How do I / Can I use WSRP's solo window state? The JSR 168 Spec does not 
> specify that window state. Does WSRP4J support that ?

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