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From Diego Louzán <diegolou...@metalicana.org>
Subject Re: non portlet producer/consumer
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2004 11:07:31 GMT
     WSRP4J uses on the producer side Pluto code, but this is to be able 
to expose portlets to the consumers. You create a JSR-168 compliant 
portlet packed in a .war application and then you deploy it to WSRP4J 
(using Pluto). Then WSRP4J's WSRP implementation links WSRP consumer 
requests to portlet container requests. You do not use Pluto Portal on 
the producer side, but you DO NEED a portlet container, as WSRP4J is a 
Java implementation of WSRP specification. How do you intend to pack 
portlet applications in the producer side, then? You could use your own 
packaging system, but you would need to rewrite the entire management 
system provided by Pluto for portlets.
     As I mentioned earlier, you do not need a JSR-168 portlet container 
to be able to use WSRP, but you need a way to deploy portlets, and 
WSRP4J uses a JSR-168 portlet container to achieve this: Pluto.


Vardhan, Puneet wrote:
> Thanks Diego. My question still is can I create a WSRP Producer and configure it with
WSRP4J. However on the producer side I don't want to use Pluto or any other portlet container.
> It seems from your reply that I can do the above and still be WSRP compliant. But my
question is can I achieve it using WSRP4J?
> -Puneet
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> From: Diego Louzán [mailto:diegolouzan@metalicana.org] 
> Sent: Friday, November 12, 2004 3:54 AM
> To: wsrp4j-user@ws.apache.org
> Subject: Re: non portlet producer/consumer
> I don't know what you mean with a «portlet producer». If you mean a Java 
> producer JSR-168 compliant (Portlet Specification), the answer is "yes". The 
> WSRP producer can be any system that complies to WSRP specification, ranging 
> from a .NET portal server to any LAMP server. It only has to serve WSRP 
> requests according to WSRP specification. For instance, there's a commercial 
> product for .NET that implements a WSRP consumer & producer, and I've heard 
> that Microsoft is developing a WSRP toolkit for .NET.
> Regards.
> Diego.
> Vardhan, Puneet wrote:
>>Can I use non portlet producer with wsrp4j? Specifications for WSRP 
>>don't really put constrain whether the producer necessarily should be a 
>>portlet specifically for getMarkup, Action Handling and Registration.
>>The documentation for wsrp4j mentions configuration for portlet 
>>application through portlet.xml but not for one without it.

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