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From "Helmut Maier" <Helmut.Ma...@scch.at>
Subject Context information for WSRP portlets
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 16:14:18 GMT

I have a question about how to send context information to a WSRP
portlet. In my case, the remote portlet should know about the
environment in which it is placed, so that it can is able to react
appropriately (e.g. different appearance (render method) and/or
different behavior (processAction Method) for different
I implemented my own proxyportlet which delegates requests to the WSRP4j
proxyportlet. My own proxyportlet has a String which contains
environment information for the remote Portlet. The idea is that the
remote Portlet should somehow get this string and react to it.

Example remote Portlet (should also work in the other render Methods and
the processAction Method):

public void doView(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response)
            throws PortletException, IOException {
  String information = request.getAttribute("environmentInfo"); 
  // does not work since WSRP does not send attributes
  information = request.getParameter("environment");
  // would work, but I am not able to set the request parameter in the 
  // render method of the proxyportlet.
  if (information.equals("MyCompany")) {
  // react to it
  } else
} // doView

My question is, if there is any possibility to send such data from the
proxyportlet to the remote (WSRP) portlet

Thanks in advance!


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