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From "Mitchell, Wes" <Wes.Mitch...@broadvision.com>
Subject RE: Fwd: PortletRequset.USER_INFO attribute
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 20:28:50 GMT
The JSR 168 spec pretty deliberately stays away from specifying much about
how information about users is obtained, beyond that small amount from
the servlet spec. So it's not real surprising that the pluto reference
implementation wouldn't have this, since they don't really have much of
a model for users.

You might note a similar thing about user preferences, the spec doesn't say
much beyond that they can be specified in a portlet.xml or manipulated 
programmatically through a portlet API, but doesn't say how they can be
stored, etc.

For our product, we modified PortletRequestImpl.getAttribute() to return
a map when the attribute key is "javax.portlet.userinfo". This map we
from our own user profile database tables. As noted by others, this is
intrinsic to the calling portal.

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From: denis queffeulou [mailto:denis.queffeulou@wokup.com] 
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 7:44 AM
To: wsrp4j-user@ws.apache.org
Subject: Re: Fwd: PortletRequset.USER_INFO attribute

>Here is what I am seeing.  We run Vignette as the portal.  To 
>facilitate testing, I have setup  Pluto as the portlet container and 
>WSRP4J in the middle.  Are you saying the WSRP4J needs to provide the 
>USER_INFO Map based on what Vignette sends in the request?  If so, that 
>makes sense to me to.  However, when I posted to the WSRP4J list, the 
>answer I got back was that Pluto didn't support it so WSRP4J couldn't 
>support it either.
>The JSR 168 spec doesn't seem to specify where the USER_INFO comes 
>from, just that it magically appears.  I don't mind fixing either Pluto 
>or WSRP4J or both.  I just need a little help knowing where it needs to 
I have the same problem, I need to get the logged user with the
getRemoteUser() method but it returns always null. I have looked at the SOAP
request (from weblogic consumer) and the user is in a userContextKey tag. So
the problem is in Axis or in WSRP4J or in Pluto...
I am looking at the userContext variable and logging the Pluto code to
better understand how this works.


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