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From "Durfee, Bernard" <Bernard.Dur...@suny.edu>
Subject HelloWorld
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 15:30:39 GMT
I am new to WSRP4J and I figure the best way to get started is with a
standard HelloWorld class. I would like to create a producer that will
eventually be exposed to the world via WSRP. Are these the appropriate

1) Create a class implementing the org.apache.wsrp4j.consumer.Producer

2) Register an instance of WSRPEngine with a servlet container such as

3) Register my hello world WSRP producer with the WSRPEngine, not sure
how this is done yet. Now my WSRP producer should be exposed to the
world. Tomcat will take the requests and send them to the WSRPEngine.
The WSRPEngine will then push the requests to my producer through the
org.apache.wsrp4j.consumer.Producer interface.

4) Now to make my WSRP producer useful to a human, I need to expose it
via a consumer. So I run something like a uPortal consumer channel,
point it to my WSRP producer and BAM, my producer lives.

Is this basic, super high level view correct? If so, then I have some

Why is the 'producer' interface under the 'consumer' package?

How do I register the WSRPEngine with Tomcat? Is there some sort of
servlet adapter?

How do I register my WSRP producer with the WSRPEngine?

Thanks in advance!

Bernie Durfee

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