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From Pete <pdjunkem...@yahoo.com>
Subject how to configure wsrp4j persistence to a directory outside WAR
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 22:19:05 GMT
I'd like to configure WSRP4J (and Pluto) to use their
persistence directories outside of the WAR/EAR -
specifically a directory relative the working
directory of the appserver (Websphere).

For Pluto I have made these configuration changes:
Add these lines:
aggregation.base.dir = aggregation/
mapping.portletxml.configfile =
mapping.webxml.configfile =

For WSRP specifically there did not appear to be
support for changing the location of the persistence
directory out of the WAR so I tried to change the code
as follows:
ServerPersistentFactory interface should have a
"setProperties" method.
Then PersistentAccess.getServerPersistentFactory()
should pass WSRPServices.properties (pFactories) on to
the instantiated ServerPersistentFactory.
Then ServerPersistentFactoryImpl.setProperties() can
setPath() on the ServerPersistentFactoryImpl as
specified in the WSRPServices.properties file (for
example wsrp.persistence.path = file:/c:/wsrp)

I really don't know if I'm doing the right thing.  Can
anyone help?  Do I even need to change the code for
WSRP4J to do this?  My attempt at a code change
appears to have failed, and I'm trying to debug, but
not getting very far.


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