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From "Matthew J. Dovey" <matthew.do...@oucs.ox.ac.uk>
Subject RE: Broken CVS and an unfrequently asked question
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 16:56:57 GMT
> In other words, you didn't test it at all before committing the code? 
> Omitting the calls to WSRPEngine makes everything break in fairly 
> glorious ways, so even a very simple test would have exposed 
> the problem.
> Fascinating. It seems this project doesn't need fixes or patches. It 
> needs a strategy.

Whilst I wouldn't condone not testing code before submitting, I
personally don't regard it as unexpected that a pull of the latest CVS
copy may not necessarily work.

The issue I have with WSRP4J is that (as far as I know), it hasn't
published a more or less stable alpha or beta download (let alone a
release), which forces those of us trying to use WSRP4J to pulling from
the CVS, and in some cases keeping known "safe" CVS pulls.

What I would like to see (and it is easy to say!!) would be some energy
into getting such a "stable" alpha release for download, so that the
reliance on CVS pulls (and breaks due to CVS pulls) would be reduced.


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