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From Julie MacNaught <jma...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Broken CVS and an unfrequently asked question
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 20:25:24 GMT

Rickard Öberg wrote:

> * A "cziegler" has committed generated SOAP implementations which does
> not have any delegation code, i.e. all they do is "return null;",
> whereas the version before it had delegating calls to WSRPEngine. Adding
> those calls back makes it work. Question: have I done something wrong in
> the build process which is supposed to magically fix the generated
> files, or are they indeed wrong?

The files are wrong.  I fixed them, but I didn't test them completely, so if 
there are still issues, send another email.

> * The FAQ says that this code should work on any portal implementation.
> I've tried using the proxy portlet in our own portal code and once I got
> past the above issues it immediately crashed, and looking into the code
> it has explicit dependencies on Pluto, i.e. there's no way it would ever
> work outside of Pluto. Is the FAQ incorrect, or is the dependency on
> Pluto a bug?

The dependency on Pluto is a known issue.
> I have many other minor and major issues with the code, but these are
> the two blockers for me so far. Any comments would be appreciated.

Feel free to consult http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WSRP4J
for known issues and/or create new ones.

If you find and fix any bugs, feel free to submit a patch. We can use
all the help we can get.

> regards,
>   Rickard

Julie MacNaught
IBM Research
DADB E3B5 8CB7 6B9B F4A0  8BF7 E830 1848 16A8 D3AB

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