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From Rickard Öberg <rick...@dreambean.com>
Subject Re: Broken CVS and an unfrequently asked question
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 21:11:59 GMT
Julie MacNaught wrote:
> The files are wrong.  I fixed them, but I didn't test them completely, 
> so if there are still issues, send another email.

Ok. It's a bit weird though, because this bug causes the whole thing to 
not work, so I guess that means you didn't test it at all? That's a bit 

But what's more worrying, relly, is that this wasn't caught, like, 
immediately. Is anyone using this stuff? Why didn't loads of people 
scream and yell about it not working?!

>> * The FAQ says that this code should work on any portal implementation.
>> I've tried using the proxy portlet in our own portal code and once I got
>> past the above issues it immediately crashed, and looking into the code
>> it has explicit dependencies on Pluto, i.e. there's no way it would ever
>> work outside of Pluto. Is the FAQ incorrect, or is the dependency on
>> Pluto a bug?
> The dependency on Pluto is a known issue.

Ok. But then I would suggest that you change the FAQ because as it is 
it's simply not true. I wasted lots of time believing I could plug it 
in, as it says in the FAQ, and then it turns out to be completely untrue.

>> I have many other minor and major issues with the code, but these are
>> the two blockers for me so far. Any comments would be appreciated.
> Feel free to consult http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WSRP4J
> for known issues and/or create new ones.
> If you find and fix any bugs, feel free to submit a patch. We can use
> all the help we can get.

Will do.

If I sound grumpy it's only because I really really do want WSRP to work 
well, and to some extent it hinges on WSRP4J working decently, and so 
far my experience with it has been miserable. Is this project supported 
by any company, or is it more of a hobby project by individual 
developers? Any way is ok, but it would be good to know.


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