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From Rickard Öberg <rick...@dreambean.com>
Subject Re: Broken CVS and an unfrequently asked question
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 19:50:13 GMT
Vishal Goenka wrote:
> Julie, thanks for fixing it before I got a chance to notice. 
> All, this is largely an mistake on my part. I submitted a patch for Axis 1.2
> upgrade and while I had tested it before, I regenerated the Java code from
> Axis to get a clean version, and did a diff against my working version.
> Since outputs from the wsdl2java command do not match "exactly" from one run
> to another (the ordering on certain variable assignments isn’t same from one
> run to another) the diff is large and I did miss these one liner
> replacements of the "return null" with the delegation to the WSRPEngine.

In other words, you didn't test it at all before committing the code? 
Omitting the calls to WSRPEngine makes everything break in fairly 
glorious ways, so even a very simple test would have exposed the problem.

Fascinating. It seems this project doesn't need fixes or patches. It 
needs a strategy.

Which brings me back to the previous question: is any company on top of 
this project? Or are we in the Java world forced to use a WSRP reference 
implementation with basically no lead? Is IBM itself using the code, for 
but one example?


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