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From "Apache Pulsar Slack" <apache.pulsar.sl...@gmail.com>
Subject Slack digest for #general - 2018-12-19
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2018 09:11:02 GMT
2018-12-18 09:59:55 UTC - Michael-Yu: @Michael-Yu has joined the channel
2018-12-18 10:06:12 UTC - Victor Li: @David Kjerrumgaard currently, is there a Nar package
we can use? we want to try to integrate our NiFi platform with Pulsar.  for now,  we are using
kafka as a bridge between nifi and pulsar. But just for our demo.
2018-12-18 10:19:19 UTC - Nicolas Ha: It looks like a kubernetes problem, but asking here
just in case someone saw this before.

I had a 1-node kubernetes with my app and pulsar, and I added two more nodes. It then stopped
working, and I had exceptions from the client in the logs cannot find “proxy”. I checked
the DNS using <https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/administer-cluster/dns-debugging-resolution/>
- everything looks fine. I rebuilt the three nodes from scratch, using coredns instead of
kubedns (with kubespray). It still doesn’t work.
Anyone has a clue what I should look at next?
2018-12-18 12:16:05 UTC - Ganga Lakshmanasamy: Is there any plugin available to read files
from remote server using streamlio and convert it into an object model?
2018-12-18 22:17:04 UTC - Ali Ahmed: @Ganga Lakshmanasamy what exactly do you mean ?
2018-12-18 23:51:51 UTC - Grant Wu: Is there a declarative way to setup namespaces?
2018-12-19 03:08:04 UTC - Sijie Guo: @Ryan Samo sorry to ping this thread. a couple of pulsar
users were asking if you can write a blog post about this :slightly_smiling_face:
2018-12-19 03:15:06 UTC - David Kjerrumgaard: @Victor Li I will build you a 1.7 nar file and
share it with you ASAP.  The current code in the PR is slated for the 1.9 release of NiFi,
but I should be able to back-port it to 1.7
2018-12-19 03:33:07 UTC - David Kjerrumgaard: @Victor Li Here is a 1.7.0 compatible NAR file.
2018-12-19 03:34:09 UTC - David Kjerrumgaard: @Victor Li Please let me know if you have any
issues with it. I don't have a 1.7 environment readily available to test it with, but it should
work. I apologize in advance if you have issues with it
2018-12-19 06:12:47 UTC - Victor Li: @David Kjerrumgaard seems this nar file depends on another
nar file:
2018-12-19 06:12:49 UTC - Victor Li: 2018-12-19 13:35:42,701 WARN [main] org.apache.nifi.nar.NarClassLoaders
Unable to resolve required dependency 'nifi-pulsar-client-service-nar'. Skipping NAR '/home/nifi/nifi-1.7.1/./work/nar/extensions/nifi-pulsar-nar-1.7.0.nar-unpacked
2018-12-19 06:13:15 UTC - Victor Li: there should be another nar file: nifi-pulsar-client-service
2018-12-19 06:48:34 UTC - Victor Li: I try to clone your nifi-pulsar-client-service project
from github. and build in my local. but seems some dependencies still missing.
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